Over the years I have come to realize that mindset is what makes a person who she or he is. Why is mindset so important in shaping a person and giving her or him a personality? Before we go there, a basic question that one would want to ask oneself is “What is mindset”?

Simply put ‘mindset is a person’s way of thinking and their opinions’ to quote Cambridge dictionary. That in a way suggests that if you think of positive thoughts laced with confidence and trust, you will be curating your mindset to be one that is positive, reeks…


Innovation has been a buzzword for a long time now and often associated with technology, (though innovation in its simplest form need not necessarily be pivoted on technology). Nevertheless, it is undeniable that #technology is making massive inroads in the development of products and creation of services people use and consume in their everyday lives. So why is innovation taking centerstage now more than ever before?

A recent World Economic Forum report points out that three-quarters of businesses are making #innovation a top three priority for 2021 in response to the economic shockwaves of 2020. …

So much has been said and written about this as to how women can rise to become leaders in the corporate world, profession, business, politics etc. and there are role models out there who have been there done that. Yet these are a very small percentage of the women population in the world.

Specifically, when you look at countries like India, the overall composition of women is around 48% and yet the working population is an average of 20% across the entire spectrum of services that generate the country’s GDP.

Focusing on the statistics in respect of careers within India’s…

Having been a resident of Bangalore for over a decade, I am a huge fan of Khara bath. The blend of nicely cooked semolina and veggies mildly laced with spices with a generous dollop of ghee (clarified butter) makes it melt in your mouth…

For the uninitiated, Khara bath is a quintessential Karnataka recipe. It’s a variation of the ubiquitous rava upma and is a regular fixture in the breakfast menu of most eat outs and restaurants in Karnataka.

Most of you living in Karnataka would have tasted this at least once in your lifetime. You must have noticed that…

Technology-led approach to transforming the infrastructure industry

The adoption of technology in the construction industry has been the least progressive in comparison with other industries, with the infrastructure sector looking to transform itself to improve efficiency.


Infrastructure’s tryst with Technology

In 2017, the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) highlighted that the construction industry needs to evolve and showed ways in which it can improve productivity by 50 percent and deliver $1.6 trillion a year in incremental global value. Although the construction ecosystem represents 13 percent of global GDP, it has seen a meagre productivity growth of 1 percent annually in the…

Geetha Ram

Geetha a C.A and ICMA holds MIT Sloan School Certification on ‘Digital Transformation has a passion to know how technology can drive business transformation.

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